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Listen, Learn, Design, Deliver

The first step to successful design is to listen to the client, learn about his or her business and what needs to be accomplished, then design and deliver the final product on time and within budget.

Since opening DDH Design in 1986, Diane Hill Turrell has had the pleasure of working with some wonderful businesses, from start-ups to large corporations, and learning from each experience. Diane combines original concepts, illustration and photography with the newest computer technologies available today to provide creative, functional design.

From fine art to computer-aided design, DDH Design works with each client to provide unique design solutions. If you have a project that you would like to discuss, please email or call toll free 866-836-5423.



Catalogs and brochures are the work horses for communicating to an intended audience. The flexibility of the medium allows for creative solutions in print design, including a wide selection of shapes, papers and art work.


Taking two-dimensional design to a third dimension requires more than just making a larger design. Exhibits, trade shows, visitor centers or museums, need to communicate successfully to the target audience through the use of space, color, images and text.


A comprehensive, well-designed, and functional corporate identity package is critical to establishing a company's presence in a target market. From a logo to an outdoor sign, a consistent image is important.


To communicate with the intended audience, brochures can range from elaborate multi-page publications with pockets to tri-folds to fit standard envelopes. Every client and project is unique and one standard format does not work for all. Each of the samples shown in DDH Design's portfolio was designed to fit the use, and meet the budget.


Business, retail, residential and interpretative signs all need to convey a message quickly and directly. A sign for a business location has different requirements than a historical site interpretative sign or an event sign. Site location, community regulations and audience all are important considerations when designing a sign.

Web Presence

Working with experienced web developers, DDH Design ties all marketing materials together to present a comprehensive and focused message. With Google's latest updates, responsive design is a critical component for rankings. Sites that are not responsive are not searchable on mobile devices. All of DDH's sites integrate responsive design.


Erica Rogler , Dietrich Theater says:

Diane has been an absolute pleasure to work with on our River Day projects. She helped us brand the event by creating an eye-catching logo that we can use every year. She also designed yard signs, banners and brochures for River Day. The first year we worked with Diane to market the event in 2013 our attendance doubled. We attribute this increase to the promotional materials she created for us. Again this year, Diane helped us develop River Day marketing materials and our attendance rose once again. Diane is efficient and easy to work with. Plus she delivers a great product on time or early!

Frank Oliver, Wyoming County Community Health says:

Diane and her team were skillful and diplomatic in helping our new foundation think through the elements of an effective web site. Then they were patient and creative in shepherding us through the process of developing details. Our board and staff were highly satisfied with their approach and the product we produced together.

Robert Hill, Retail Sites / Grout Gator says:

Diane has been a tremendous asset for several of my businesses. First they created the logo and brand image for Retail Sites, LLC and has helped us through several upgrades of our marketing materials, show displays and web site redesign over the last seven years. Her ideas are original and her attention to design details frees my staff for core functions. For my other company, Gator Cleaning Products, LLC she also created our logo, color palette and mascot design. She has helped us to very successful national launch of this entirely new product. We highly recommend DDH Design.

Patrice Olivier-Wilson, Biz-comm, Inc. says:

I have worked with Diane for more than two decades. We have collaborated on many projects and have developed a deep, lasting friendship. We complement one another's skill sets. I have witnessed Diane's dedication to perfection, albeit a bit obsessive if she doesn't like a font! Her talent is amazing and I am very grateful for all of her guidance over the years.

James Hill, SportHill, Grout Gator says:

SportHill has worked with DDH Design since the late 1980's on everything from logo design, trade show booth design, magazine ads, and catalog design. We have mailed out more than 2,000,000 mail order catalogs, more than 100,000 dealer workbooks, and produced 1000's of magazine ads and other assorted media. Working on campaigns for the three companies that I run, I've always found DDH Design to be prompt, efficient, and highly skilled in all aspects of professional graphic design. Diane has my full endorsement.


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